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At Urban Home Design we strive to bring you the best and most up to date information on home design and home improvement. From how to articles to diy articles you'll find what you need to make your home beautiful and functional.

As you browse this blog you'll find information on the following subjects:

  • kitchen design
  • bath design
  • bedroom design
  • container gardening
  • gardening tips
  • landscaping
  • plumbing repair
  • electrical repair
  • garage door repair
  • carpet cleaning
  • roof mainteance
  • roof repair
  • window installation
  • plus more!
We believe you can make wherever you live an enchanting place to come home to with your own two hand and a little know-how. If you're ready to get your hands dirty, you can count on us for the tips you need to make your home a palace. 

Good luck with all of your future home design and home improvement projects. 

The Urban Home Design Blog Team 


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